About Us

About Us

Has this ever happened to you?

You are driving to work or sipping coffee at Starbucks and a lady enters wearing a beautiful kalamkari dupatta, stomping your greed glands and you wish you had a similar one that would go with almost all your dresses.

So you come home and Google "buy Jacquard Saree” the results say that you should travel to Surat to buy it. And now your wish-list has buy Jacquard Saree from Surat along with

Banarasi saree from Varanasi Patola from Gujarat and many more..Wait.. What if Google says "You can buy all the above things at THE LOOM! Yes, The Loom brings you all the beautiful Indian handcrafted products direct from the artisans from all over India. Our products include

Sarees | Accessories | Apparel and more.

All our products are hand-picked and unique with highest quality. And our designs are sophisticated, fresh and exciting. Indians love celebrations and we incorporate an element of celebration in our designs striking a perfect balance between subtle and statement. So, if you are looking for something with an electric vibe, log in to Glemora, start shopping and tick all the boxes in your wish list at one go.

In case, any box remains unchecked, drop us a mail at help@glemora.com and we will try to fill in the gap asap.